SABAK, WILSON & LINGO, Inc. has prepared multiple planning studies including masterplan documents for the Renaissance South Business Park, a Pattern Book for The EDGE at Liberty Green, and Neighborhood Plans for The Glenview Area Neighborhood and the Mockingbird Valley Neighborhood. These documents require in-depth research and the ability to create attractive documents for both digital and hard copy distribution.

Spotlight Project: Wolf Pen Branch Neighborhood Plan

SABAK, WILSON & LINGO, Inc. is the prime consultant leading a team of land surveyors, geotechnical engineers, and historic and cultural resources consultants. Project deliverables include detailed plans, maps, and specifications for a menu of green management practices that meet the project requirements. At completion, the number of combined sewer overflows annually will be reduced from 55 to 8.SABAK, WILSON & LINGO, Inc. assisted the Wolf Pen Branch Neighborhood and Louisville Metro Planning and Design Services in the preparation of a Neighborhood Plan to guide future development within the study area. We coordinated monthly meetings with a Citizens Advisory Group of residents, business owners and other stakeholders appointed by the Mayor. In these meetings, we helped formulate a neighborhood “vision”, analyzed neighborhood opportunities and constraints, and formulated planning strategies directed toward preserving unique neighborhood resources such as winding tree covered roads and historic single family homesteads. We also involved the entire community by developing surveys and leading public meetings at different stages of the project to gain project consensus.

This plan focused on a 6.4 mile corridor that included all of Wolf Pen Branch Road, Mint Spring Branch Road and a portion of Chamberlain Lane. Guidelines focused on preserving the rural character of the roadway, low density development patterns, landscape recommendations and context-specific buffer treatments.